A free official app providing guidance through visa application processes


Digital Design Industry Mentor Program . Student Project . November 2016



Design of a new conversational UI for a client of your choice.
Hypothetical Client: Australian Government; Department of Immigration and Border Protection


Australia is considered to be one of the world’s major ‘immigration nations’. One of the most significant developments in the dynamics of migration to Australia in recent years has been the growth in temporary migration. In 2000–2001 temporary migrants outnumbered permanent arrivals for the first time. Unlike the permanent Migration Program, the level of temporary migration to Australia is not determined or subject to quotas or caps by Government, but rather is demand driven. The demand is rising. Visa options are numerous. Requirements are different for every country and every process is individual.


A new app will be offered on the existing website.
The app assists with and guides through the visa application process.
Embedded in the app is a text and voice-based chatbot/support service: the visa assistant “IMMI”.


Potential for Improvement (Status quo visa application process)

  • Duration of application process can range from a couple of month up to a year (and longer)

  • Process in stages (EOI, Application etc.) doesn’t allow efficient time planning & management

  • Different authorities are involved (often requesting similar information and documents)

  • Waiting periods for external services slow down application process

  • Language barrier


Visa Support Service “Immi”

  • guide through visa application process

  • ask for, collect and archive all necessary details, information and documents use them in forms and share them with other authorities

  • suggests timeline and schedule to provide an overview

  • schedules appointments and tasks through notifications and reminders with certification service, translation service, health checks, skill assessment, language tests etc.

  • calculate costs, request quotes, billing

  • shows your progress

  • offers useful services & information


What’s next! Learning Recap:

  • User testing

Enjoy viewing the prototype.